We Can Help “Staff Your Website”

Do you run a successful micro business that is virtual and web-based? We can help provide a unique business outsourcing service that is specifically designed to “staff your website”. Our range of services can help web businesses grow, but grow without the headache of recruitment, increased costs associated with tech spending, infrastructure and property costs.

How Can We “Staff Your Website”?

Staff.Internaltional is a UK-based global talent network that offers a trusted no-hassle outsourcing solution designed specifically for the global web business industry – whatever your e-business, we can provide the right business process outsourcing solution for your own unique needs.

The benefits of collaborating with Us includes:

  • Low Risk with No (Hidden Charges) – All of our Business Process Outsourcing Packages are monthly contracts for SMEs – they are full-time, part-time or agile and totally competitive.
  • Talented Superstars – Our global team of talented geniuses mean we have highly experienced outsourcing specialists who are also experienced with our own mentoring needs and wants – this means you don’t have to manage them, we do that constantly.
  • UK Support Services – Our London-based support team are here and ready to help 24/7. Whilst our global team is global, our support team is local.
  • Just read our trusted reviews – We have clients covering a range of sectors – from ebusiness strategy to marketing to design – we have helped businesses with a range of issues from SEO, fulfilment to IT automation support.
  • Agile Change Out – You can change out of our monthly collaborative packages with ease. No hidden fees or surprises. We can help change out with minimal impact on your business.
  • Communication – Our collaborative approach means we put communication front and centre. This means we constantly send updates with daily task/hour logs/reports along with Skype video conferencing for that one-to-one touch.

Our unique approach to outsourcing means we can “Staff Your Website” with ease. Our collaborative, hassle-free and professional approach to business process outsourcing means you can rest assured we are delivering your objectives and goals giving you the freedom to focus on your business and the growth potential therein.

Why not call our team today to discuss how our business process outsourcing packages could help “Staff your Website”? Call us today for more information on our collaborative subscription-based outsourcing packages.

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