Staff.International’s Referral Programme Can Help Your Business Grow

According to the British Government, Microbusinesses are a central part of the UK economy. Around 96% of private sector business trade comes from micro businesses.

There isn’t a single definition for a Microbusiness. However, the researchers at The House of Commons Research Library argue that micro businesses usually have 0-9 employees and account for over 95% of UK private sector activity. Therefore, Microbusinesses are the lifeblood of the UK economy.

American Express undertook research on how small businesses endeavour to overcome the stumbling blocks of generating potential capital requirements for growth. Getting the cash they need to help their business to grow is a problematic issue facing UK (and worldwide) Microbusiness entities.

What you need to think about in the context of Microbusiness growth is how you can leverage external services to help increase your overall ‘offer’ to potential clients. You need to provide benefits that give your clients a sense of value when using your services.

Why Value-Added Services Could Help Your Business Grow

We are an UK outsourcing service that can help web design-focussed Microbusinesses successfully grow by providing additional ‘white label’ web products and services that can help your core design and development offer look substantially more profound and impactful.

We offer a unique referral programme that can help you provide additional value-added services, like Search Engine Optimisation or Product Listing Services, that can help boost your income stream.

The referral programme will give you an on-going monthly percentage income from all value-added services that new clients subscribe to when they take your initial web design and development offer. This means that for the lifetime of the value-added service being used, you can sit back and receive on-going referral payments.

How Generating Additional Revenue Can Help Your Business Grow

As a web designer, using our referral scheme can help you generate new income streams that when applied to multiple projects lead to a strong cash stream that is cost neutral whilst providing possibilities for growth.

The generating of new revenues streams can help you focus on how you want to your business to grow. It can help you identify new possibilities and new ideas and it can help fund your growth journey.

Why not get in touch with us to find out how you can sign-up to our Referral Programme, how to access our easy-to-use referral portal and find out how you can manage your white label value-added services helping you to grow your business through referral-based income.

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