How much does it cost to outsource high quality tech staff to The Philippines?

Whilst we understand that business people who are looking to investigate offshore are typically driven (primarily) by reducing operational costs, we’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that all our staff are highly skilled, trained, experienced and vetted by us so if you’re simply looking for the cheapest option, we respectfully suggest there are other companies that cater for the cheapest end of the marketplace. We don’t ever want to simply be known as the cheapest option – rather the “most value” option.

However, clearly you’ll want to have an indicative overview of the fee structure for our specialist talent and whilst we pride ourselves on not being the cheapest, we’re also keen to demonstrate that you can nevertheless have the best talent around and still make considerable savings over European rates.

To get an idea of prices, enter the relevant information into the cost calculator on this page for an overview of typical costs. Please note these costs are for a rough guide only and a firm price can only be fixed once we submit a formal quotation, if you’d like more information from us, including terms and conditions and all the necessary details.