Online Shopping Cart Abandonment – How We Can Help Your Webstore Succeed

The latest research on online shopping cart abandonment as a phenomenon finds an eye-watering level of cart abandonment rates online – nearly 76% of all online shopping journeys end in abandonment. What can you do to stop this and how can we help your online webstore thrive in an ever-changing webstore landscape?

What is Cart Abandonment?

Not many people abandon their shopping trollies in traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ retail environments. This is primarily due to the unusualness about abandoning a physical experience and the social pressures therein. However, online, no-one knows that you nearly purchased that Aldo handbag from Net-A-Porter or that pair of Jeans from Next. The privacy and isolation of the internet has allowed for the phenomenon to flourish.

According to research the rates of online cart abandonment stand between 70-76% overall and whilst these figures seem ‘startling’ they are fundamentally an identifier of an on-going e-Commerce experience. One major study, from Salescycle, found that within the fashion sector the cart abandonment rates were around 69.1% but in the luxury online travel sector they hit a staggering 81.1%. These rates highlight a key unawareness of website marketers and managers – a failure to understand intent.

What is Intent – And How You Can Leverage It For Your Own E-Commerce Success?

At Staff.International, we help e-Commerce platforms grow by providing functional outsourcing support services that can help small e-Commerce platforms leverage the power of outsourcing to help them focus on building a brand-beating platform with our scalable solutions. We can help with a range of services, from eBay to Amazon automated listings, product descriptions and more along with traditional website e-commerce support services that can help your business flourish in an ever-changing landscape.

However, we want to tell you a secret – we have learned that understanding intent is the main stratagem for success. By understanding the reasons behind cart abandonment (and it should be noted not all abandonment issues are negative in relation to the e-Commerce landscape), you can leverage the fact that 92% of visitors to your webstore will never buy anything. Furthermore, only 2% will buy on the first interaction. Those who come back again and continue to test the platform are the ones you want to focus on – the Golden 6% of e-Commerce shoppers.

Understanding the intent dynamics of these virtual shoppers will help your business grow. By changing simple mechanics and design approachces in the User eXperience (which we can provide) you could help make a shorter and simpler checkout experience. You could stop the 21% of shoppers who abandon because the checkout is too long and tortuous. Simplifying experiences and making them intuitive can lead to a brand experience with positive brand sentiment.

Trust is another key dynamic – by signing up with PayPal, getting Norton or TRUSTe accreditation or even getting a TrustPilot rating can help build positive sentiment that helps to provide confidence which inspires individuals to complete the shopping journey through a simpler checkout with a trusted website.

Why not get in contact with us today to find out more about our e-Commerce outsourcing services and how we can help your e-Commerce platform succeed – by partnering with us you can focus on building a trusted brand that leads to success.

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