Magento – How It Could Help Your E-Commerce Activities Meet Any Challenge?

Are you a multi-platform e-commerce retailer? Do you sell on Amazon, eBay, Etsy or Facebook but haven’t quite got around to setting up your own unique brand-focussed e-commerce website platform? Magento is one of the world’s most trusted e-commerce platforms – annually it processes $100 billion in sales worldwide from millions of websites.

Why Magento?

Magento can help you manage a multi-faceted website experience – i.e. an e-commerce platform and the minutiae that it entails. Magneto, setup by us, can provide unbeatable e-commerce functionality for your unique e-commerce needs.

Webstores built upon Magento can suit the smallest to the largest e-commerce brands. It is trusted by hundreds of millions of SMEs whilst also being used by companies like Ford, 20th Century Fox, Nike and Christian Louboutin.

How Can We Help Your E-Commerce Activities?

Small e-commerce businesses tend to start-off on other platforms. This means they either have no or limited web presence. This means micro e-commerce retailers rely on platforms like eBay. Once you’ve invested into a platform like eBay, you have a lot of legacy technicalities that make creating a website and importing your eBay offering rather complex.

However, we can provide a unique eBay to Magento import experience that can help make Magento accessible, easy-to-use and incredibly customizable. We can help tailor Magento to your unique e-commerce needs. We can create enhanced functionality, bring in your entire inventory from eBay and give your brand your own unique brand online presence.

With a global talent network of Magento specialists, we can help you build a unique Magento website with the right capabilities to help your e-commerce platform blossom and to help your brand flourish. We can also make sure you experience minimal downtime and reduce any impact on sales thus minimising any extra costs associated with creating a new e-commerce platform.

We can undertake the following services:

  • Use our proprietary software to export your eBay listings
  • Import exported data into your Magento catalogue
  • Create and Configure Magento Categories and Product Attributes
  • Backlink to eBay as well!
  • Freshen up your home page (adding promotions)
  • Adding/Updating Featured Products/Upselling
  • Product Grouping
  • Website & Link Testing
  • Website Clean-ups
  • SEO work
  • Competitor Research
  • Server Maintenance

Why not get in touch with our Magento consultants today to discuss your eBay to Magento website needs further? We can help you create an outstanding and unique Magento e-commerce website that befits your own brand identity and your future aspirations.

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