How To Develop The Perfect Outsourcing Strategy

The most ‘problematic’ stage of the outsourcing lifecycle is the initial strategic development stage. Whether it is a Governmental high-value project or a small business task outsourcing job, preparing for perfection whilst planning for any issues can be incredibly difficult – especially when you consider the multi-disciplinary dynamics of outsourcing a process, and the tasks therein that require delivering.

At Staff.International, we understand that perfect outsourcing is based on trusted relationships with sound collaborative partnerships. Strategy is based on consensual trust and identifying key deliverables and outcomes, reporting on them with regularity and providing highly talented outsourcing professionals to deliver work to a high standard. This is how we mark success at Staff IT UK.

How To Plan To Outsource A Business Process?

To begin with, you need to define and determine each objective that will make up the entirety of the outsourced business process. This is crucial so that all stakeholders have the ability to understand each component of the process framework and how each individual therein will deliver on plan.

By determining objectives you need to have a “clear vision” with tactical objectives written down in order to create an outsourcing plan of action. This will form the basis of the outsourcing agreement – and the more detailed and structured the greater the clarity for success. Communication and Collaboration will play a central part in delivering success.

Understanding the Risks

We understand that once objectives have been assessed it is at this stage risks can be overlooked. Therefore, once the process and the objectives therein have been defined and planned, this is the opportune time to undertake a risk assessment or sorts – this is about how your company’s values will be delivered by an external provider, it will be about understanding any negative attitudes from within your company towards the external provider. These risks need to be identified.

Getting Your Staff “Ready for Change”

Outsourcing is as much about the outsourcing of the process as it is about the insourcing of collaboration. Getting staff “buy-in” is crucial. The negative connotations surrounding outsourcing can create negative sentiment towards outsourcing professionals. We want to become part of the team, not a distrusted job-stealing enemy. Changing your organisation’s culture is a pre-outsourcing necessity.

The Outsourcing Collaboration with Staff.International

We will help you with your planning, help you communicate the positives of Staff.International in your internal culture change, we will help provide pathways of information on job delivery – and outline how we will communicate and the frequency therein. We will outline the deliverables and how we will manage our global talent pool working on your project.

This will be done by putting collaboration front and centre. Successful outsourcing with perfect outcomes all stem from collaboration. It means both organisations have a level of trust between stakeholders, a milestone-targeted roadmap and sound communication. This triumvirate of experiences will help generate project success.

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