How Outsourcing can cut e-business costs

Do you run a small yet successful e-business? Have you considered outsourcing to help cut costs, improve business performance and help drive more sales? Staff International can help you outsource high-cost functions of your business helping you to focus on what you do best – running your business successfully.

Outsourcing has alas in recent years become a derogative term – one that denotes the negative consequence of capitalism. However, the reality is rather different. Businesses can use outsourcing services, like Staff International , to help build, not reduce, their businesses within their communities. Outsourcing provides business with the means of flexible scalability and growth which is the central tenet of a successful business.

What can STAFF International offer your e-tailing business?

As the MD of an online e-tailer or e-store, you are focussed on an array of world wide web platforms that provide multi-channel outlets that reach billions from eBay to Amazon, via Alibaba to Etsy. Understanding this diversity of choice and focusing your capital and expertise on the right channels is crucial. This is where Staff International comes in. Our eCommerce Outsourcing solution can help you save time, money and effort helping you to grow your business.

We can provide a range of outsourcing solutions, including eBay listings. Our team of global talent can help small businesses by providing a cost-effective human talent service designed to complement e-businesses with urgent time-consuming tasks – from admin to marketing – allowing business leaders to focus on the big picture, whilst leaving the small details to the experienced team at Staff International .

Why should you outsource your e-tailing operations?

By partnering with Staff International , you can avoid making costly mistakes, cut down on expensive recruitment costs and avoid hiring staff with the incorrect skill sets required for your business to grow correctly. Staff International believe there are three reasons to choose our outsourcing services:

  1. Save time (money, and effort) on training – by outsourcing you are hiring fully-trained and experienced professionals who will hit the ground running when it comes to managing your outsourced tasks.
  2. Peace of mind – by using Staff International you can rest assured that we monitor our staff, and this means you can focus on your business whilst we monitor and direct outsource talent in order to correctly complete all outsourced task to your set requirements.
  3. Multi-skilled workers – We recruit staff who have diverse skills from SEO, website design, eBay experience and more. That way, each outsourced employee brings more skills and experiences to the project – thus allowing you to gain more from your outsourcing experience.

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