Reggie S

Reggie S

Network & Security Engineer
Work experience
  • Security EngineerFujitsu Weserv Philippines

    Technical security design, delivery and management of IPS, Web Filtering, Email
    gateway filtering, 2FA, Digital Certificate, and SIEM solutions.
    ● Handle Incident and Problem management related to technical security issues. Ensure
    adherence to quality standards and published SLA.
    ● Maintain awareness of trends in the development of Information Security and
    developments in System and Network Infrastructure.
    ● Raise/Complete changes for the management of the security infrastructure: New
    implementations, Version Upgrades, Policy Tuning.
    ● Handles Digital Certificate Management in Entrust CA. Provide technical assistance on
    creating CSR and assist on renewal process.
    ● Work with Vulnerability management team on finding and fixing Security vulnerabilities.
    Apply patches to security infrastructure servers and appliances.
    ● Troubleshoot mail delivery issues and email security breach. Analyze email attacks and
    escalation to Vendor support to update anti-spam signature and amend email gateway
    ● Setup the test environments/Virtual Machines as necessary for replication of the email
    and web security issues and UAT of version upgrades and patches.
    ● Provide technical security advice and guidance to the competency teams, Service
    Delivery Managers and customers as needed.

  • Network Support EngineerSophos Computer Security Pte. Ltd.

    Accept and troubleshoot technical issues presented by customers/partners via all service
    ● Apply technical & business thinking to determine the urgency of each case.
    ● Handle technical escalations from Management within team response/resolution targets
    ● Provide advanced troubleshooting via remote sessions to help move issues towards
    ● Escalate cases to L2 support and Global Escalation support only after meeting the
    minimum requirements for troubleshooting.
    ● Use and create knowledge-base articles/online help content in line with departmental
    best practice based on new product information, support incidents, previously unknown
    solutions to common or critical issues to help deflect unnecessary interactions with
    ● Provide Team Leader or Manager feedback with regard to Technical Support procedures
    and policies.
    ● Record all activities in the CRM of Record, update cases within SLAs, so that progress
    can be tracked with each customer’s incident, viewed via the customer portal, and
    reports generated for high profile customers.
    ● Ensure that the work performed meets the quality standards within published service
    level targets and customer commitments while working with the Technical Support
    members, Management, Engineering and other cross functional teams.
    ● Actively participate in team and departmental meetings by providing feedback on current
    day to day activity and recommendations for improvement.
    ● Properly identify and communicate cases for Handover/Transfers to appropriate region.
    ● Setup the test environments/Virtual Machines as necessary for replication of the
    customer reported issues and provide the documentation on these setups

  • Network Operations Center Engineer (Shift Lead)Concentrix

    Monitor network stability and performance of Google Fiber Network and Video System to
    ensure 24×7 operation also to resolve service impacting issues as they occur within SLA.
    ● Validate problem descriptions, perform detailed diagnosis; track and update problems in
    trouble ticketing system and ensure complete documentation of network outages.
    ● Configuration of various vendor equipment such as Juniper Networks Backbone and
    Core Routers, L2 & L3 Data Center Switches, Management Switches (for OOB),
    Nokia-Alcatel Lucent and Adtran OLTs, Nokia-Alcatel Lucent Boarder Network Gateway
    Routers, Cisco ONX transport devices.
    ● Implements Routine Network Configuration like Activation and Deactivation of BGP
    Peering (IX, PNI, Point to Point) / Update BGP Policies and Metrics/Update TACACS/
    Link Commissioning and Decommissioning/ Update BNG DHCP configuration for IPV4
    and IPV6, Update firewall Policy and filters, Update syslog configuration, and
    configuration of MPLS P2P and P2MP LSP.
    ● Perform routine maintenance of CDN-Cache servers like Akamai-Server, Google Global
    Cache Servers, Netflix Servers and other Google CDN services.
    ● Troubleshooting of Network outages (Core, Edge, to Access Layer). Work hand in hand
    with Tier 2 and Tier 3 Support to resolve network service impacting issues. Performs
    Routine and scheduled Network maintenances.
    ● Performs Acceptance of newly installed Network Devices (OLT/SAG/Management
    Router/Hydra Device.Conducts hard and soft failover of backup/redundancy links.
    ● Coordinate with different tied up Network providers like Nokia, Juniper, and Adtran for
    network device replacement as well as OS upgrade and scheduled vendor maintenance
    ● Work with Field Technicians to troubleshoot ISP and OSP related issues, GPON
    troubleshooting. Interpret OTDR readings and provide resolutions to field technician.

  • Bachelor of Science in Electronics EngineeringPolytechnic University of the Philippines-SRC