Charles P.

Charles P.

Network & Security Engineer
Work experience
  • SOC analyst / red team memberGlobe Telecom
    July 2002-March 2005

    The job requires great attention to detail and a general awareness for all
    things cyber. We look at IDS (Intrusion Detection System) alerts, suspicious
    emails, network logs, and any other resource that provide insight into an
    entity’s network activity. we are expected to be able to read, understand, and
    notify on cyber trends.

    Monitor and analyze the network traffic of our Network for malicious activity.
    Respond to emails and phone calls from our Clients notifications and any
    cyber incidents they may be experiencing.

  • Sr. Linux Engr.Pure & Co
    February 2006-December 2011

    Setup up & deployment of Linux clusters of clients of Pure and co,
    Automation for repetitive tasks using puppet and Ansible
    Monitoring of the clusters general health and its services.

  • Application Security SupportOrecx LLC
    July 2012-Sept. 2019

    Testing and implementing customized software templates for various
    environments and customers.

    Deploying software and tools within enterprise systems and ensuring
    efficiency and effectiveness of the these tools by continuously monitoring
    and User awareness/training.

    Subject matter expertise in integrating various Security controls, policies &
    procedures, Workflow enforcement, Access permissions, reverse engineering
    business process to facilitate enterprise compliance and efficiencies.
    Development/implementation of automated web based applications for

  • BS Computer scienceUniversity Of Mindanao