Business Process Outsourcing – What Is It And How We Can Help

BPO, or Business Process Outsourcing, is the functional practice of contracting out a specific work process or function to an external service provider. This is the act of ‘outsourcing’. This could mean any number of business processes – from payroll, accounting, telemarketing to social media management. It could be technical, as in SEO support, or non-technical, as in manual tasks like letter filling.

The ‘Real World’ Experience of ‘Outsourcing’

However, there has been a negative attitude towards ‘outsourcing’ or ‘offshoring’. This is mainly due to negative public sentiment based on large multinational organisations ‘outsourcing’ from Western countries in favour of low wage destinations and causing worries of mass unemployment.

In fact, the majority of businesses that outsource business processes are predominantly micro or SME business organisations. The reason why small businesses utilise business process outsourcing is that as demand can peak and fall due to seasonal variances and as small businesses bootstrap growth, outsourcing business processes can help small businesses enhance their brand whilst providing a range of much-needed technical support.

Staff.International’s Approach to Business Process Outsourcing

At Staff.International, we understand that collaboration and sound communication is the central cornerstone for outsourcing business process success. If the company that requires outsourcing doesn’t collaborate or communicate and the same for the outsourcing partner, then the entire collaboration is doomed to failure.

Our UK-based global network of talent can help businesses outsource key business processes at reducing costs, with reduced labour and training costs whilst freeing up businesses to be more nimble and agile in an ever-changing economic landscape. Our collaboration is based on constant on-demand communication and reporting, we work with our partners to develop high-standards and our global talent are superstars in their chosen tech fields – from SEO to Email Answering – we can help make sure your business process is outsourced to a high standard and delivered to the terms you demanded.

Why Not Call Staff.International Today?

Our London-based consultants can take your call today. We can begin our collaborative journey with you as you help to define what business process you want to outsource, and we can help define our ethos and values within this collaborative framework. So, why not call our team today on to find out how we can help you outsource key business processes successfully?

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